We'd like to introduce to you...

...the newest member of our family.

 After a year, I felt I was able to get another cat. The only requirement? She could NOT look like Scout. At all. Not even a smidgen. And she doesn't.
 I'd been looking for awhile at the Arizona Humane Society's website. When I saw this cat, I wanted her.  Look at the picture above. Doesn't that look like a heart on her front shoulder blade? Love.

After work on Thursday, Jeremiah drove to my school and we went and  met kitty together. I spent time with her and with one other cat. I knew I wanted her after spending just a few minutes together.
 Doesn't she have the cutest little paws?
 She doesn't really hold still for the camera, and isn't super excited about having it shoved in her face, but she will soon get used to that.
 She is a snowshoe mix. She's got gorg. blue eyes. She's quiet and affectionate. She tolerates the dogs. Which says A LOT.
 She is currently without a name. I'm going to have to decide soon. I keep going back and forth and can't seem to find one fitting.

So our family has gotten a bit bigger. I'm very happy. I've never not had a cat before. The year since Scout died has been the only year in my entire life without one. And I missed having one around. 

p.s. Please ignore the room. It's a guest room and currently houses a bunch of random items, as well as the comforter from the master bed, which she seems to love.


Anonymous said...

You're right, Emily, your new kitty is BEAUTIFUL!!! She does look like she's very calm and easy. I'm so happy for you. I just wish I could see her in person! Auntie

Emily said...

Thanks, Auntie! We took her to the vet last night and (while I'm sure that they always say nice things) he commented on how she had some of the most unique markings he'd ever seen. He said it repeatedly. And she was a great little patient, even tolerating having her nails trimmed. I can't imagine Scout putting up with that.