Work It.

My mom sent Atticus a Valentine's present. With a face like this, how could you resist?

She repurposed a boy's robe (that she found at a second-hand shop) into this coat/sweater for him.
It fits quite well and Atticus makes a top-notch model.
Isn't he a cutie?
He likesies. He seems to think that while wearing it he possesses super-camouflage powers and can sneak up on kitty.
What do you think? Cool idea to repurpose to old clothes, right?

p.s. Please ignore the fact that our sliding door is covered with dog slobber and paw prints. We like to consider it frosted. And ignore the fact that trim is not up on the wall and you can see the brown paint from the floor. Jeremiah got halfway done with the trim and I decided I wanted a tile floor. So he stopped. And then we got the roof estimate. So no tile floor. Yet.

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