FtFV - I Squash You.

Due to conferences, sickness, and twelve hour work days, I did not share from the vault last Friday.

My deepest and most insincere apologies for that.

How's this:

It's one of my favorite collages. It actually originated as some shots that I did not like, but when I put them together I loved it.

Then Jeremiah said it was just like Monty Python and I told him that A: He was a nerd, and 2: No it was NOT like Monty Python.

Then he found a Monty Python clip (oh, some cartoon nudity, so watch at your own risk):

And it turns out the nerd was right.

I HATE that.

Happy Friday, Friends!


Lacie Josephine said...

I love the socks!

Emily said...

Thanks, Lacie! They were a gift from a friend a few years ago.