FtVF - What I Make - A (Not Truly) FtVF post.


I have had a shitty week.

I am sick.

My dog is hurt. And on meds. Which sucks for both of us.

There has been a lot of conflict and disrespect here (at my school, my state, and around the country, I know) and my brain and heart are so confused.

And I have been witness to stuff with regards to students this week that has broken my heart. Which happens more often than it should. And more often than some of us who do not live in poverty realize.

So I can offer you this, which, at the moment, is where I am at. A screamy and angry place.


DeAnne said...

A to the men to the video. The rest of the stuff you will overcome because you make your kids great every day!

Emily said...

Thanks, DeAnne! I would say WE work our asses off for the students (and make them great).