I'll See Your Snakes on a Plane and Raise You Bugs in the Hair


Without going into too many details (abundance of lice in my classroom), I have now started checking my hair daily for lice. Ick. It does not help that my hair is super long. And sometimes people pet it. I want to shriek "Do NOT pet my hair! It might house tiny disgusting bugs and EGGS!"

Doesn't that make you shudder? Something living off of you. You are host to a parasite. I fear going out in public, shaking my locks, and bugs just falling out all over the place.

So gross. I am not actually hosting anything right now, thank god.

Mostly because bugs on me/in me are my greatest fear in life, but also because I do not think I would be the best hostess. I seem to lack some hostessing skills. I will keep you hydrated but I can't promise anything else.

p.s. And Jeremiah? Contrary to what you seem to believe, it is NOT funny to scream "OHMYGOD, what is THAT?" while you are checking my hair. You KNOW that sometimes there are flannel pillow fuzzies.

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