From the Vault Fridays - Scout

If you have been reading for awhile, you know that I lost my beloved cat Scout very suddenly nearly two years ago. Gosh, it really does not seem that long. While I am still sad that she is not with me, I really love looking through old pictures of her.

So I promise you, this does not come from a depressed place, but more of a celebratory place - because she was one hell of a fabulous cat.

We couldn't put away Pictionary for quite awhile because she fell in love with the top of the box. And I catered to her whims. 

Enjoy your Friday, Friends! Next week I have a story about brussel(s) sprouts, a story about driving, and some other random crap. You will love it, for suresies. 


Jeremiah said...

She was the best behaved of all.

Emily said...

Yes, she was. Except when she licked the insides of your ears at night.