Doctor's Visit #2

Shortly after visiting my regular doctor, I went to the specialist. I go every few months and I am pretty sure it is the highlight of his day. The following conversations DID occur.

Dr. - So your joints are feeling a little -
E - Holy Crap! I swat at the doctor who is squeezing the life out of my body, joint by joint.
Dr. - Okay, so that hurt?
E- Yes. Lots. And that nurse? She tried to take my blood pressure.
Dr. - How did that go?
E - Just LOOK at my arm! I raise my shirt to show him the bright red spot & bumps that are now on my arm, covering the skin just as the cuff had minutes before, due to the babe with the blood pressure cuff. Probably it is important for you to know that simple things like blood pressure readings, my eight pound dog stepping on me, shaking someone's hand? Those all hurt. A lot. They actually leave marks on my body. I have an extreme over-sensitivity to touch.
Dr. - So we'll try the blood pressure with a different nurse after I finish in here, okay?
E - 'kay.
Dr. - How is the pain?
E - M'eh.

fast forward to the sleep part of the conversation -

Dr. - So how are you sleeping?
E - Not so well.
Dr. - Why not?
E - Well, a variety of reasons. Sometimes I think of all the sh...stuff that I need to do the next day. Sometimes it is because my boyfriend snores in clicks. I honestly think he is speaking another language and I feel a bit left out. I am keeping track, though, and soon I think I will crack those clicks and we will be able to communicate like regular people.
Dr. - Silence
E - Sometimes it is because I have night terrors or just regular nightmares. People keep killing me. Like the other night? Someone beat me to death on the side of the road with a lead pipe and I did not realize until after I walked around and drove and stuff that I was actually dead. Is this normal?
Dr. - Silence
E - Sometimes I have night terrors, where I get out of bed and try to point out things to Jeremiah, who is clicking away in his sleep, probably answering me but I do not know what he is saying...yet.
Dr. - Silence
E - You know, it is so weird. Jeremiah wakes up refreshed and he gets to do all this fun sh...stuff in his dreams. He plays the drums. He downhill skis. He basically gets to go on vacation every time he sleeps. I am not sure where he goes, because I have not yet cracked the clicks, but it sounds like loads of fun.
Dr. - After a moment of silence. Well, it is not normal to have so many problems with sleep. Let's try some (prescription that I don't feel like sharing with you, friends). It should help with the pain and also relax you enough to sleep.

After convincing me that it was non-habit forming and that it was for the best, I agreed. I have only needed to use the meds once or twice in the past month, and have taken something similar in the past, so all is good.

Arriving home after appointment:
E - Sitting in car, singing loudly to a Glee Sountrack
J - Peeks out and looks at girlfriend sitting in car, singing loudly. Um, are you okay?
E - Yes. The doctor gave me new medicine. So I can sleep better.
J - That's good. Are you going to get out of the car?
E - Thinking about it. I guess. Slowly I get out of car, sad to leave the happy music.
J - Emily?
E - Yes?
J - Are you on the meds now?

I convinced him that I was not and we had a lovely evening. Probably listening to our neighbor's adult son listening to his stereo.

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