Wanna Run Your Fingers Through My Hair? No?

Probably a good idea.

Thanks for putting up with crazy. Although, I am pretty sure you like it. Keeps the days interesting.  I am sure that you could live without the daily lice checks, though. Part legitimate concern, part OCD.

Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! Even if I do not know you, I (probably) still love you for reading!

Anyone have fun plans for Valentine's Day? We are looking at a new down-alternative comforter, a carpet cleaner, or a dishwasher. Do not be jealous, friends.

Edited to add: I am SUPER sick. Like, last night I bequeathed the cats and dogs and pool to Jeremiah and told him if I did not make it through the night he would have to go on without me. In return, he promised that if I DID make it through the night, I would get "Secret Love Tacos" for dinner tonight. What a bunch of shit. Totally not worth the suffering. 
p.s. Edited again to add: Secret Love Tacos are actually just regular tacos. Let's clear up any confusion.


Lacie Josephine said...

I hope you feel better soon. Nice glasses! Which one did you guys decide to go with?

Emily said...

Thanks, Lacie. I am feeling slightly better. We have postponed the shopping until I am well.

Hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day!