Dessert? Fruit Salad?

I tried a new cranberry/fruit salad recipe. It started out like this:
Side Dish: One year I made cranberry sauce FROM SCRATCH. No shit. What was I thinking? And then I went outside, grabbed some palm fronds, and fashioned myself a skirt. Just kidding. It was a brief, dark period in my life where I thought change was good and I thought I was a cooking goddess. Anyway, cranberry sauce from scratch? Totally not worth the time and I didn't care for the consistency. After that Thanksgiving I ran into Ocean Spray at the grocery store and I was all, "hello, sailor" and now we are on-again. I will never cheat on the Spray again.

Then like this before I froze it: (Nommy, right?)
It actually called for cupcake liners instead of a mold, but I kind of think the cupcake liners are wasteful. Plus, I only had one paper liner and the rest are plastic ones which I only use for s'mergencies.
Then like this:
So Good. And Creamy. And Delicious.

It was so simple and extremely yummy, so I imagine I'll be making it again sometime. It was almost like getting to eat dessert with dinner. It was THAT good. I mean, I'll make it after I finish making my own clogs out of cactus ribs.

p.s. The recipe was inspired by my Aunt Cronchie, but it is not actually her recipe, as I don't own cherries or apricots. And hers called for...cherries and apricots (duh). So I went scrounging and found this instead. So Auntie, you are my inspiration for frozen fruit salads! Yeah, baby!!!

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