Um, Really?

Setting: At the post office

Post Lady: You'd like this sent to Minnesota?
Emily:No, I'd like it sent to Michigan.
Post Lady: Well, you put MI.
Emily (in a slightly teacher-ish voice): Yes, that means Michigan, not Minnesota.
Post Lady: Oh, I saw MI and thought Minnesota.
Jeremiah (in a stage whisper): Seems to me that if you're working at the post office you should know your state abbreviations.

Seriously. Jeremiah has a good point. That woman's WHOLE job consists of mailing packages with these abbreviations. I'd think it'd be a requirement before getting the job: Thou shalt know state abbreviations.

Every day, I am more and more astounded by the stupidity that exists in the world around me. I am doing the best I can to fight it at an early age, but I am only one person.

Anyone else have stories where they were left just shaking their head? Please share.

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