What Time Is It?

It's time to rock and roll!!

Just kidding. We aren't that nerdy.

Not all the time, anyway.

I wanted to share a project that Jeremiah did this weekend:

He turned a very cool piece of vinyl (Rolling Stones, yo) into a clock.

We actually ended up using my Cricut (LOVE.IT.) to make numbers out of the album cover. Yes, it is cool. You dig it?

P.S. Jeremiah had so much fun (especially picking out the vinyl) that he's decided to offer up his services. If you know of anyone that is a music buff, vinyl fanatic, or punk (doesn't it look punkish/modish/eighties?) they might enjoy one. Let us know. He's offering his services for way cheaper than you might find elsewhere.

If you aren't into it, then I hope you enjoyed this technicolor post. And the craftiness.

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