Living Room

Here's a wider shot of the living room. Obviously, we still have one window to finish, some organization things for the desk, the tables will be moved in, Elmer will be painted white and moved, shelves will be hung, etc...But we're so in love with the way things are looking.

p.s. What I'm listening to now: crows or blackbirds outside. So Freaking Loud. All day. And vinyl. Jeremiah has declared it an all-vinyl day.

p.p.s.Hey, would you like more deets on the tattoo experience? A picture of me almost fainting (I'm serious.)? Jeremiah's cool tat? Yeah, me too. Jeremiah has ALL the pictures and isn't sending them to me so I can blog. What a doof. Maybe if someone comments (!) he will feel the pressure and send the photos. And, yeah, I'll still eventually post the stuff. You can continue lurking if you'd like. No worries.

p.p.p.s. Hey. Thanks for all of you that are still voting for me. I see wonderful people in Ohio, MI, and CA (who are you, CA?) are voting. It means a lot. Thanks! Oh, and my mom informed me that you can vote once a day per internet browser (like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.).

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Cait @ Hernando House said...

Love the mirror over the fireplace! Thanks for the link on Katie Bower's blog :)