Nail Cuttin' Time

Every couple of months Spike and Jeremiah do a delicate dance called "Trimming of the Raptor Claws".

It doesn't go well.

Spike is a huge baby and whines, wiggles, and licks. The whole time.

While Atticus watches.

He usually gets his done at a grooming place because he bites when I try to do his. Naughtiness abounds!

So here's the first shot:
Atticus is simply enjoying the sun, perhaps teasing Spike.
Oh, yeah. The good life. But then wait...things are getting awkward.
Look at the Kisser's face now! He's worrying that he might be next. He's totally thinking, "Do not make eye-contact with the dude. Do not make eye-contact with the dude."

Final shot:
Dead wiener.

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