Dog Days

For Christmas, early Christmas, Michigan Santa(s) sent me a digital STD camera. It's really called something else, but STD gets the eye-roll from Jeremiah. It's an SLR, I think. Anyway, I've been trying it out on a lot of plants (so fun) and I thought that the dogs might be good subjects, too. 'Cause they're cute. You know they are. Anyway, here are my favorite shots from this weekend.
I love both the shot above and below. I love the shadows on Spike.
The Kisser. Hiding/burrowing in the blankets.
Lean on me.
Below- He just looks so flippin' confused.
So I've noticed in the two days that I've used the camera that even when using the flash, it doesn't create red-eye like a point and shoot. In addition, I get a lot less shots that end up blurry. Thanks for checking out my pictures...and my pooches.

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