An Ocean of Color

I wanted to share the little shelf CLH created for me so I could display my ocean-inspired glass SAFELY (a daunting task considering the dogs).

It's in the laundry room (hence the frosted windows) and I'm sorry the picture didn't turn out better but with the flash the glasses didn't light up. Without the flash, the room is a bit dim. I just really wanted you to see the neat effect. It's even cooler in the afternoon when the sun is really shining through. Beautiful glass that lights up the room.

P.S. All of the glass was purchased at either SalArmy or Goodwill for less than a dollar each.

P.P.S. What I'm listening to now: THUNDER! We are having an incredible storm! Roads flooded and everything! It is something that you don't miss until it's gone - grey skies and rain. Makes me feel like fall is finally here. We even had HAIL!

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