Ummm...Abraham Washington?

It started on Saturday, when we were picking out some burlap at Jo-Anne's. Jeremiah was making fun of me because I forgot pi. Which, any other time, I would have totally remembered. Even if I didn't remember from high school math, I remember because Rachel made her math teacher husband a pie with pi on the top on 3/14. But on Saturday, I forgot.

And then Jeremiah starts talking about diameter and radius and forget about it.

So on Sunday night, as we are getting ready for bed, he announced that everybody should know how to find pi, diameter, and radius.

So I immediately take offense.

"Oh, really?" I said. "Everybody? Well, I happen to believe that everybody should know who gave fireside chats to Americans."

His eyes g0t big and he got a grin on his face. He sucked in his breath and I said, "Hah! I can't believe you don't know that! Everyone knows that!" His response was, "You didn't let me finish! Abraham...(and he's watching me to check my response)Washington?"

At which point I started laughing. For about five minutes. And he demanded to know who it was. I wouldn't tell. I told him he had to wait until I blogged the answer.

We continued on with the trivia until I brought up Euripides, which is when he said, "Euripides and I kick your ass. Get it? You rip these and I kick your ass!"

And that is when trivia night ended.

p.s. FDR

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