You Light Up My Life

So above the dining room table hung this lamp:
Looking at it eerily reminded me of dining at Pizza Hut. And the bronze/gold fixture? HAD.TO.GO.

Enter this blog, which offered a sort of diy tutorial.

We used hoops (like for sewing and quilting), screws (they did not) quilting plastic (they did not), and burlap.

Except my boyfriend is a lover of building/engineering and was not satisfied with all of their setup. He got rid of the adjustable knob things on the side (they left their knobs on) by securing the hoops with itty bitty screws. We used quilter's plastic (might not be the actual name) because the plexi-glass splinters, costs more, and we couldn't even find it. We've had warnings of it getting melt-y/bend-y, but our bulb doesn't get too hot and the drum shade is HUGE, so it isn't even close to the light.

Oh, and Jeremiah also spray painted the fixture.

Ready to see the result?

Our total cost was about $17. Seventeen dollars, people.

P.S. I'm not showing the table with it just yet because the table is a disaster as it has been the go to place for crap that we moved off the counter during painting season.

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