You Screen, I Screen

While cruising around our local ghetto, we stopped at a second hand store. I found this:

It's wrought iron. It's heavy. I love it.

It was supposed to go in front of the fireplace, but we really wanted the design to stand out so Jeremiah removed the legs and the brass balls (heeeheee) on top and hung it for me.

It needs to be moved a bit, but for now we are loving it. I don't even mind the stumps/screws at the bottom (although Jeremiah offered to hacksaw them off for me) because it adds to its character. It is unique, most likely there aren't too many people who have this, and I LOVE repurposing stuff. And I love a good deal - $20. Jeremiah bargained with him. Not bad for unique art!

p.s. Thank you for all of you that are voting daily! I truly appreciate it. I know that my chances are slim and there are people way ahead of me, but it honestly doesn't hurt to try. The realization that I could write a post each day and have someone pay me to do it...wow. So thanks again.

p.p.s. Also, we've got some great posts coming up. That's the royal we. I mean I have some posts coming up. Some tattoo stuff, some WHITE CABINETS, the chair has a new slipcover, etc. Stay tuned! I've nearly finished the huge amounts of work for school & school, so I might have a little more blogging time!

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