Salvation finds find salvation

A while back (as in, nothing was painted, nothing was finished, we'd just moved in...so actually, a year ago.) I got this mirror at SalArmy. You can tell it was supposed to be on a dresser or something.

But I knew it had potential. If only we could turn it sideways and paint it, too!

So we did. And I also had Jeremiah hang little hooks so I could get these CUTE little letters (our first initials of our last names).
Here's what it looks like finished. The table was also from SalArmy. I paid about fifteen for the table. The mirror was five.
Please ignore the fact that there are two different types of knobs. I'm still deciding. And I'm not sure if I want the top of the table to be black or left as is.
Anyway, here is the setup for a grand total of about fifteen dollars!

P.S. I would like to introduce a little something I call, "What I'm listening to now."
What I'm listening to now: T Rex - Electric Warrior
It's Jeremiah's vinyl and it is one of my favorites. My favorite song on there is "Cosmic Dancer".

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