Do You Love Me? Really, Really Love Me?

Okay. So you know I like to write, right? Well here is a chance for me to do it for more people. Imagine ME spreading the joy DAILY. Getting paid MONEY to write. Holy.Cow. Would you help me? Would you?

Every day you can click on this link:


and you can vote for me. Every day that you vote gets me closer to winning the contest. And you KNOW that I would love this opportunity. I would. Like, you wouldn't have to get me a Christmas present. Or anything. I would simply love for you to click this link and vote for me. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Just until the contest is over.

So mull it over for a minute. Think about whether I am worthy. Then click the link. Go on, you can do it. Click, click, click, click.

Oh, look, here I am again:

Vote for Me
Good Mood Gig from SAM-e


p.s. Doesn't this totally sound like a PBS fundraiser? "If you would like more quality blog posts like this one, please show your support today. Your donation of ONE vote daily will provide this blogger with the opportunity to write for money."
p.p.s Tell your family and friends, too.
p.p.p.s. Please and thank you.

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