Oh, Boy(friend).

I sent Jeremiah a cool engagement/proposal that I read about on a blog. I listed it as the coolest proposal THUS FAR, indicating that perhaps he could do better.

His response?

Yeah…I’m pretty sure I could outdo that. Really, that’s whats taking me so long…just the planning alone has been 3 years in the process.
Now I have to save up for it. But I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the trip to the Diamond mines in Egypt to pick out your diamond and then the trip to France for the setting to put the stone in…I’ve told you too much now. I have to rethink this.
Smart ass.

p.s. Yesterday we had guest teachers and got the day to do planning with our grade level. My room smells like it has been assaulted by an old lady. I'm wondering if she actually sprayed grandma perfume IN MY ROOM. I don't think I should have to put a note saying, "please don't drench my room in an old lady perfume. I much rather the smell of kids. At least that doesn't bother my asthma." I've yet to have a teacher that meets my standards. This babe went through my fridge while I was IN THE ROOM and got mad when I told her that I had a lunch to store in it, too. In addition, she was angry because she had duty twice (poor lady. 70 degrees and sunny. half day work at full day pay. boo hoo.). SUCK IT UP.

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