Dogs & Rugs

After getting the mega-deal on tile Saturday, we stopped at Lowe's. Before we go in, we review what we need so as to not be distracted by the other pretty things. On our list for Saturday was spray paint (and stay tuned for that barrel of fun), paint brushes, and a review of what would be needed to tile. And that was it.

But to get to the tile section we had to pass the rug section. What a stink.

They had a rug. 8 x 10. Just what we wanted. In fact, we had looked at it before. We've been moving our gorgeous green jute rug around and have been desperately needing an additional rug. The difference was that the shaggy cream and beige rug was on sale. Regularly $168. Clearance at $118. Jeremiah thinks he can get them to go lower. Asks for a manager. Gets the price knocked down to $85. Dollars. For an 8x10 rug. It would have been stupid to not get the rug. We would never find it cheaper.

So we got it.

Where do the dogs come in? They love the rug.
 Here's the Kisser, ready to start a fine game of Kong ball.
 He's really just a blur once he gets moving.
 And slightly cat-like. Notice that his back leg is jammed up under his front one. Doggy yoga.
 Good times until...
 Wait. Let's double check.
 Yup. The ball rolled under the entertainment center.
 This is Atticus's "Please get my ball. Someone. Anyone. Please get my ball."

And there you go. A post about a bargain rug and the dogs.

P.S. I don't know what point Atters switched from his Kong to the tennis ball. He's a quick little bugger, I tell ya.

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