Say It With Me!

What do we want?


When do we want them?


I'm tired, people. I'm really tired. And cookies always make me feel better. Except last night when I tried to convince Jeremiah AFTER dinner (of lean turkey burgers and steamed veggies) that we should make pizza. I was so.freaking.hungry. And Jeremiah? No amount of pouting was enough to get him into that kitchen to make me a pizza. Poop. So three things can be noted:
1. My go-to stress reliever is food. Sad.
2. My meds that are helping me get better make me so hungry. Sadder.
3. Jeremiah has my best interest at heart. He will only feed me when I am legitimately hungry. Suck.

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Jeremiah said...

...and 4. You never really get hungry enough to eat your arm.