Let This Be A Lesson

When we tore out the old tub (the Roman soaking tub) to make way for the fancy shmancy new one (which you can read about here), I told Jeremiah I wanted it posted on Craigslist. Here's a summary of the convo.

Emily: Puhlease post the tub on CList.
Jeremiah: It's not going to sell. Those tubs aren't that expensive new.
E:Will you please take a picture of the tub and post it on CL?
J:FINE. But it won't sell. How much do you want the asking price to be?
E:Um, $60.
J: Sixty? As in, six zero? As in, sixty bones? You're not going to get sixty dollars for it. They cost about a hundred dollars new and this one is fifteen years old.
E: PUT THE FREAKIN' THING AT SIXTY, PLEASE. Mind you, I thought this way I had some room for bargaining. I was willing to take fifty for it...Actually, I was even willing to donate it if it didn't sell. 

Flash Forward to Yesterday Night:
J: Someone called about the tub.
E: Oh, reeeeeaaaaallly?
J: Yeah, they are going to stop by tonight.
E: Okay. If they ask to take it for anything under sixty, you tell them fifty-five.
J: They're going to go lower.
E: Suck it up, get out there, and sell some tub!

Comes Back Inside, Slaps a Wad of Bills in My Hand
E:So how much did you get?
J: Sixty.
E: Sixty? Huh. That's interesting. I forget, weren't you the one that told me it wouldn't sell and then if it did that I had way over-priced it? There was actually a lot more of this irritating goading, but in an effort to save some time, I've condensed it.
J:Silence and glares in my general direction

Please, let this be a lesson. I am never wrong.

And don't doubt that I did a happy money dance. Because I did. I stopped just short of dancing over to Jer and waving it in his face. 

And p.s.
Bathroom update: We have long since fixed the shower in the master bath. Months ago, actually. And when I say "we" I mean Jeremiah. It has been taken apart and put together again and is leak-free. And it looks nicer. Not gorgeous, but much better.

The sixty dollars will go towards new hardware (right word?) for the tub. The tub should be in soooooon. Money has been tight here. It might be that we're saving for a roof and cars and I'm finishing my last three grad classes (Which, here is some irony. The raise that I get as a result of finishing my degree doesn't even cover the cost of classes. For years. I'm laughing on the inside.). Anyway, not a lot for bathroom remodeling. Once the tub is in, the rest might be on hold until those pesky classes are paid.  Stupid desire for knowledge.

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