Tile. Because I Can't Think of a Cutesy Title.

I've been waiting to add a tile back splash since I painted the downstairs. You might remember that the living room and dining area are two shades of greenish greyish blue. One is slightly darker and was used to create a more in-depth feel in the hall, fireplace wall, and dining area. I wanted glass tile the same shade to be used for the back splash. I thought it would tie together the beige that is in the front room nicely with the blues in the back of the house. Plus, it would really make the white cabinets look crisp.

And then I saw a house that was professionally decorated (on the shores of Lake Michigan, what are the odds?) almost exactly the same. As what I wanted. And it sealed the deal. I began a search for these tiles. And guess what? Those little stinkers weren't cheap. And they weren't available anywhere except by special order.


So the tile went on hold. Because we need a roof, as you know. And a furthered education. And cars.

And this is where we say, "Annnnywaaaays..."

We went to Goodwill on a whim. A whim, I tell you. And while I was contemplating the necessity of a giant mailbox as storage for a guestroom, I looked down. And right by my feet? Two boxes of wall tile. The exact.freakin.color.that.I.wanted.

For reals.

They aren't glass. But in reality, if I waited until I could afford hundreds of dollars for a kitchen back splash, I'd be waiting a long time. Like, grey hair and flying cars. That's how long I'd be waiting.

And to seal the deal? The tile was only ten bones a box. And they were having a fifty percent off sale. So we can tile our kitchen for a total of ten dollars, plus the cost of tile tools, mortar, seal, and grout. Most of which will be used again when we tile two bathroom floors.

Here's the tile. I propped it up so I could see how it looked with the beige paint and white cabinets. The color is slightly off in the pictures, but still give a general idea.

 I like to call this shot "Boxes of Victory". Indeed they are.

Close up of the victory tiles.

And if you look closely, you can see $9.99. Half off. Holy crap.

So next weekend I think we'll be tiling. And that's not the royal "we". I truly plan on partaking in the tiling fun. I'm going to have to wear my good girl pants, because I am not one for team activities. I'm much more a "go ahead, lock me up alone with a paintbrush and I'll be fine. Just don't forget my Ipod." type of girl. So wish us luck on our tiling endeavor. Thank goodness CLH has tiled before. Three cheers for useful boys!


Cait @ Hernando House said...

What a great find! Good luck with tiling!

Emily said...

Thanks, Cait! If you have tiled before and have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Cait @ Hernando House said...

I've never tiled before, unfortunately. I think Katie from Bower Power has some good tips, though. She tiled her previous house's kitchen, bathroom and laundry room if I'm remembering right. Try this section from her how-tos! :)

Emily said...

Thanks for the link! That was actually what I was planning on referencing as needed. That and my boyfriend! :)