House Tour

Here is the house tour that I promised. A couple things are missing because I am in the process of painting/staining - like two coffee tables, for example. Please keep in mind that we have lots to finish, so this is more of a "house in progress" tour.

And the video is shaky. That's just what happens when you are walking around and taping. And my thoughts move a hundred times faster than I can speak, so I go one hundred directions at once. And my words don't always come out how I planned them.

But I promised it, so here it is.

p.s. Those are Jeremiah's old bands playing throughout, with Sara Crist on vocals & guitar, Dave Born on guitar & lyrics, Kevin Aube on bass, and Jeremiah on drums.


Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful Emily!!! You have very good taste and I loved seeing Atticus and Mel. hugs, A. Carol

Emily said...

Thanks! Atticus and Mel are certainly cuties, aren't they?

Jeremiah said...

Spike must not have been in the video.

Emily said...

Ha! He was! All that annoying barking? It wasn't coming from Atters.