Warm Fuzzy Friday

Are you ready for some more warm fuzzies?

First Fuzzy: Without giving oodles of details, eight of my eighteen students tested OUT of my classroom. Possibly two more, results still pending. That is quite possibly the best (only?) validation I've had all year. I'm not saying this in a braggy way. I'm saying, I am so incredibly proud of my students. They are awesome and have worked hard.

Second Fuzzy: Tomorrow is Record Store Day. It will be our third year of celebrating it. Each year special limited releases are put out specifically on this day. It is one of Jeremiah's favorite days of the year. He has it all planned out, which stores we hit when. He has a list of everything he is looking to purchase. If you know of anyone who collects vinyl, tomorrow is a special day. It is a special day I will most likely enjoy in comfy clothes, especially if I have to get up early.

Well? Warm fuzzies? Do share.

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