If It Makes You Happy...

Then it can't be that baaaaaaad.

I know that normally I post stuff about idiots doing idiotic things. Driving through lawns. Parking in front of my driveway and blocking me in. Trespassing. Trying to break into my house.

Or perhaps you remember when I got kicked out of Best Buy. I hope you do. I reference it constantly around Jeremiah. We watched a thriller last night and when the lady attacked an idiot/murderer, I looked at Jeremiah and I was all, "That was me at Best Buy." Every sentence that I start lately begins with "Oh, that was us" and ends with "at Best Buy."

We watched Meet the Parents last weekend and I swear, this reminded us BOTH of the scene at Best Buy, except the manager was not this innocent or wide-eyed. She was just a beast.

I'm a person who has feelings. All I want to do is hold on to my giftcard... What this scene doesn't show is that he gets carried off the plane.

The Best Buy/iTunes incident has yet to be resolved, if you were wondering. Itunes has stopped returning my emails and I feel like a jilted lover. We were so close, and then they just.stopped.emailing. Best Buy has responded to emails. We'll see where we go from there. The guy that is emailing me (Aaron) sounds like a real word-that-I-can't-say-because-sometimes-my-parents-read-this-blog.

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post was to focus on three wonderful things. Three. Can you believe it? A focus on the positive? It's a challenge for me, but I'm going to give it a try.

Made me happy, Incident 1: After school I saw a boy (probably third grade) get a drink of water. He then proceeded to pick up his teeny tiny little brother by the pits so that he could get a drink, too. Watching him sip water with his little feet dangling in the air, totally made my day.

Made me happy, Incident 2: I was in traffic that was waaaaaaay backed up when I noticed that we were backed up because an SUV had run out of gas in the left turn lane (which I was in. sigh.). BUT then a guy in a truck parked, got out, and ran to help them push the vehicle out of the way.

Made me happy, Incident 3: Seeing one of my lower readers absolutely BLOSSOM as a writer. I'm trying to get him to understand that his spelling is only a tiny fraction of what makes writing good, and that he is a great writer even if he is still working on his spelling/reading. Wonderful watching a smile spread across his face.

Those are my happies for the day. Anyone else want to share something that just gave them the warm fuzzies?


jeremiah said...

Reading this...it was very nice!

DeAnne said...

I loved these little positives! I got to dismiss a student from special education yesterday :)

Emily said...

DeAnne, that is great!