Kiss My Glass

I mentioned that I found some awesome deals at Salvation Army. Again. I heart Salvation Army. I really do.

My first piece is this fun green vase. I figure it will be perfect with those little tiny tea lights I bought, some fresh flowers, or whatever. I likes it a lots.
Excuse the water spots, but aren't you loving these glasses? So much fun! They totally go with our stuff. I'm planning on using them for drinking glasses, but they could double as cute votive holders or even small vases.
Lastly, I added another jar to my collection. You can see that we put my first two right to work. They house our rice and corn kernels. Yes, we pop our own popcorn. No, we don't own a microwave. No, we haven't set any pans on fire (remember that, dad?). And yes, people think we're weird 'cause we don't have a microwave. In my defense, I bought one, wasn't satisfied, took it back, and just kind of never replaced it.

Anyway, ooh, pretty. Right?

So that is it. Anyone else have an addiction? I figure I'm okay because I use all of the glass I buy, plus I pay about 50 cents for each item.

P.S. Stay tuned because we are painting kitchen cabinets this weekend, I've bought fabric to FINALLY slip-cover that slipper chair, and MAYBE we will finally be making our own drum shaded pendant light. It doesn't get much better than this.

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Fire? What Fire?

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