Mom, This One's For You

So I just made this:

Caramel corn. Oh, yeah.

To be fair, it isn't my recipe. It belongs to this chickie
and I must say, I love the name of her website.

I did modify the recipe a bit. Well over a cup of marshmallows AND you know the caramel that you make caramel apples with? The flat pieces of bendy caramel that come wrapped in wax paper? I cracked up a couple of those into the mix and it was pretty bad ass.

I'm thinking a lot of people at work will be getting this as a treat for the upcoming holiday season. Except I'm going to go all Harry & David on it and make it, spread it out on wax paper, then drizzle (fo' shizzle) some chocolate on it.


P.S. Of course, we made this on the stove top, because, again, no microwave. I'm sure that you could be all tech-savvy and use your microwave. But I bet mine tastes better...evil laugh inserted here.

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Diane said...

Thanks hon! We'll have to try this soon.