The Big Picture...Sort of.

I had some complaints because I didn't show the WHOLE living room the last time I showed pics of the house. I'm still not completely finished, but here is a bigger shot of the room. The mirror above the fireplace is temporary until I find the perfect mirror. Elmer the elephant is for keeps. The framed pictures will be moved to the hall upstairs. But for now, here it is:

And for awhile I had a pretty floral scarf serving as a tablecloth, but then I found these green placemats at Kohl's for a buck (don't worry, I got a full set) and thought they looked great with the blue, plus the punch of color from the flowers (from Jeremiah on our anniversary).

By the way, that little yellow corner table is the best thing ever. I got it at Salvation Army for about ten bucks. Whoever owned it before painted the pop open drawers a pretty sea green. Totally complimentary. Love.It.

P.S. The cabinets have been removed and sanded by Jeremiah. The priming (my job) is almost done. Next step: Paint (also my job)! The slip cover for the slipper chair is half finished. It was most definitely another successful and crafty weekend!

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Diane said...

Very cool!...and what a great idea for the letter tiles :-) I wondered if you'd be able to use them.