Why I Shouldn't Have Neighbors

This morning at about 5:15 I could hear someone using a chain saw. I could hear it over the noise of my exercising and the noise of my music. The dogs and I were deeply disturbed.

When I was finished, I see that my neighbor has hired landscapers to remove the one tree (Michiganders, you would call it a shrub, it was very small) in their front yard. I feel as though this is not okay. Chainsaws at 5? No.

In addition, the idiots parked their humongous truck (Hello? Overcompensating?) and trailer in FRONT OF MY DRIVEWAY. I was completely locked in. Plus, all of their gadgets and debris and garbage cans? Oh, yeah, they just put them in my driveway. Why the hell didn't they park in front of my neighbor's driveway?

So I went outside in my exercise clothes and slippers and stared at them. One of the guys looked up and said, "Oh, sorry." and started laughing.

That asshole laughed. At me. Until I got out my phone and took a picture of all his stuff in my driveway and his truck locking me in. And then watching me as I called the non-emergency police line. Then he moved his truck. And his crap.

By the way, apparently landscapers can make all the noise they want as early as 5. What.The.Hell? This is due to the fact that it gets so hot. Because it would be too hot at six? Seriously, it is triple digit temps. The difference in temp between five and six in the morning is like, one degree.

So I'm going to tell my neighbor that I just LOVE the work they did, get their number, and complain.

Don't park in front of my driveway. Don't put crap in my driveway. And don't piss me off at five in the morning.

And this is why I shouldn't have neighbors.

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