Confused. Lost. Haunted.

First, last night we finished the series "Lost". Which devastates me. It's the same when I finish "Gilmore Girls", "Friends", or finish a book series. I get all depressed as if a friend has died. Plus, I'm all into the mystery and now...


And remember how my house is el hauntito? Well, feeling was back again last night (only upstairs, weird) and then this morning I woke up because I heard a cabinet close in our bathroom. Upon opening my eyes I discovered that it was daylight, which was super weird because daylight does not exist at 4:45 am (not this season, but in the summer, yes, it is light that early). So our alarms? Did not go off. Now, they are our phone alarms, so it wasn't an electrical issue. Both were fully charged, too. We don't have the same phone or even the same service. So it wasn't that. Jeremiah was so cute. He was all, "I wonder why the alarms didn't go off?" and I was all, "because the ghost is pissed that you don't believe in it." Which makes sense, 'cause I'm pissed that he doesn't believe in it.

Then, at work, we have new parking rules. We have increased parent parking - signs and everything. We are NOT to park in parent parking. As teachers, we don't get any designated parking.

Do you know what they told those of us that spoke up?

Wait for it, wait for it...

Get here earlier.

Have a good day, people. Please don't let my depression and angst be contagious.

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