Movie Update

A year ago, my birthday gift from Michigan was a Wii. Boyfriend and I have spent many hours swearing at each other (all in good fun) as we play the games. Lately I've even been whoopin' him at Mariokart, which is new (I always come in last. And why do they only have 2 female characters? Because, really, boys aren't the only ones who like to play.).

But imagine our excitement when we found out in the spring that our Netflix membership extends to watch-it-nows on the Wii. So much better than hooking up a 'puter to the tv and then having to hook up the 'puter to an outlet because regardless of which laptop we use, it inevitably dies mid-movie.

So here's what we've been watching.

Whip It - which I totally loved. All about these tough chickies that roller derby. Great female characters, lots of famous people (Eve, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Paige, Marcia Gay Harden, Jimmy Fallon, Juliette Lewis, etc.). I went online today and found out that there are like, six teams here in AZ. I would totally be all about joining except I can barely skate. But can I say? I totally rocked my white skates with blue wheels when I was little. Seriously.

Ghost Town - actually laughed until I cried at two parts. Watch it and tell me if you laugh. Even Jer laughed out loud. It was that funny. What is it about the British where they can sound all fancy and be telling you to go to hell?

Single White Female - yeah, I saw this before (high school). I rented it for free (score!) after I filled my car with gas on the way home from work one night. (What a great deal, Wesco. Not only do you have fantastic doughnuts and popcorn, but free movies with fill-up? I heart you). So anyway, I credit this movie with keeping me sans roommate (except for college. I love me some Sara & Rachel) and for not hitting boyfriend with shoes...I mean, I'm sure that a sparkly flip flop doesn't have the same effect as a stiletto heel, but why chance it, you know?

The Skeleton Key - We liked this movie a lot. It's set outside New Orleans and is about voodoo. It kept us guessing until the end. And even after it was over, Jeremiah said something and I was all, "...oh my gosh!" So if you haven't seen it (I think it came out about five years ago) you should rent it. Me likey.

Yes, Man - Jim Carrey in a not super-annoying role. And Zooey Deschanel (I heart her. She could be swearing up a storm and still sound melodic.). Just a fun story about a guy who decides he needs to start living life. We laughed out loud.

We've also been watching some shows - catching up on My Name is Earl (season 4), Weeds (season 1), Pushing Daisies (season 1), Miami Ink (season 2), and Lost (We are now on the third disk of the last season. If you tell me how the series ends I will hunt you down and go all Single White Female on you. Not all my shoes are flip flops, yo.).

So there you have it. What we've been watching in Casa E & J. Again I ask, does anyone else have anything exciting/fun/scary/touching that they've watched?

P.S. We just watched Ramen Girl, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. I think Jeremiah even liked it.

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