Emily's Worst Nightmare Turns Reality

Anyone who knows me well knows that the OCD side of me doesn't allow for ANY doors to be left ajar (unless it is the bathroom, because you know, it needs to air out, yo). All doors must be closed at all times. No exceptions. Cabinets are included in this rule.

Enter our house. During cabinet painting season.

Holy. Shit. I keep trying to close drawers and doors that don't exist.

I know the counter tops look messy. This is what happens while you work. Things get set down, moved, whatever. Messy.

Then let's examine the cabinets. I would like to point out that few are dedicated to actual food. We don't even have a pantry. Which is good, I think. Most of our food stuff is fresh veggies, fruits, and turkey and stored in the fridge and freezer.

So I just wanted to share the non-glamorous side of home DIY. It is one ugly motor scooter. And it causes me some stress. A lot of stress. I'm facing my demons here, people.

Update: The cabinet bases have now been primed. We hit a snag when the sander went snafu. New sander works wonderfully. Jeremiah can even hook his old vacuum cleaner hose to it which cuts down on dust. So in conclusion, all is primed, not just the doors/cabinets. Just for future notice, the oil-based primer is a mean one. Very unforgiving. But it covers EVERYTHING we weren't able to sand/rinse off.
In addition, we have progressed one step in the drum shade DIY.

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