Jeremiah sent me an email yesterday afternoon while I was at work with those words written in the subject box.


and then I open it and it says,


and then I wet my pants, because I'm sure, with the recent bug issues we have been experiencing at the house (We aren't DIRTY, we live in the desert. And I'm a bit defensive about the bugs, so let's just stop talking about it. Okay?), that he is home and a snake fell from the ceiling. Because bugs aren't horrible enough. Dogs going crazy. Are you picturing it?

Then I keep reading...

"I didn’t see it. It’s still here. It fell on Matt’s desk. Hahahahahaha."

So all this happened at work. And Matt? I don't know him but from what I've heard, I wouldn't like him. I'm happy that a snake fell on his desk. I bet he screamed like a sissy, or like...me, if a snake were to fall on my desk.

Relief swept over me and then I realized I peed my pants for no reason.

I hate when that happens.

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Diane said...

I would have immediately put a "For Sale" sign up in front of the house and checked into a hotel. Let J and the dogs fend for themselves.